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The combination of colors in clothing

combination of colors in clothing The right combination of colors in clothes will make your appearance complete and harmonious. General rules say that this can be achieved with a combination of:
  • rezkokontrastnyh colors such as red - blue, red - white, red - cornflower, red - green, orange - black, orange - cornflower, green - white. Such combinations are used in sports, children's and youth clothing.

  • contrasting colors such as cherry - pink, blue - cornflower, lilac - purple, green - lettuce. Such combinations are used in various types of clothing.
  • polutonalnyh colors such as pale pink - pale blue, pale light green - pale lilac.

  • monochromatic colors such as brown - beige, light red - dark red. Such combinations are used in everyday clothes and clothes full of women.

But this in general. The paper color in clothes , we found that choosing the right shade of color, we can have in your wardrobe clothes in different colors. Still, there are colors that are best for you winning. Their skillful blend with the rest and creates the concept of elegance and taste.

The combination of colors in clothing spring-type

If you're spring, the perfect option for you would be bright and clear colors, no blurry or too saturated colors. The main colors of your wardrobe should be - the gray-blue, apricot and camel. The combination of these colors with others enables you to always be different.
  • Blue-gray blends well with ocher, white and brown, with brown and beige with purple and pink, with a lobster-red, turquoise and white, with silver and blue, with the May green and white.

  • Apricot blends well with the camel and brown, light brown, beige and pink patches, blue-gray, blue and ocher, sky blue, green, white and silver, red and white.

  • Camel goes from gray-blue and purple, beige and brown, blue and purple, ocher and brown, yellow, red and white, green and white, lobster-red.

Not so good: bright white, pungent-pink and black.

The combination of colors in the clothes of summer-type

If you summer, an ideal option for you will become gentle pastel shades with bluish or gray shades, hot pink, raspberry, ripe cherry color.The main colors of your wardrobe should be - dark blue, brown and lilac-pink.
  • Dark blue goes well with denim-blue, smoky, plum and blue, with green and white, gray, light pink and brown, pink and green and blue, vanilla and amber and light blue, dark brown, lilac and vanilla yellow.

  • Brown combined with a denim-blue, smoky blue, light green and white and color of the May grass, and very bright green, pink, purple to pale pink.

  • Lilac-pink combined with lavender and dark blue, dark brown with a pinkish-red, brown with light brown; serbristym with denim blue and yellow.

Not recommended for bright flashy colors.

The combination of colors in clothing autumn type

If you fall, the perfect option for you will warm brown tones - from the golden-beige to bright rust and chocolate, all reddish shades of brown.The main colors for you should be: a rusty-brown, khaki and blue.
  • Rusty-brown is combined with plum-brown, purple with orange and creamy white, light green with camel, red and yellow and creamy-white and brown with blackberry.

  • Khaki goes with gray-orange and tomato, lobster-red and the color of white wool; blackberry, plum and yellow-gold, gold and blue-green, red, pale green and peach, purple, red and peach.

  • Blue is combined with orange, brown and peach, khaki and pale orange, creamy-white, blackberry and blotches of brown, light brown and tomato, grayish-orange and violet.

Not recommended for cold paint, blue-green, pungent pink, black and pure white.

The combination of colors in clothes winter type

If you WINTER, the ideal option for you would be contrasting colors - black, night blue and red.
  • Combine with pungent black-pink, yellow and red and gray, pink, lemon, indigo with orange and gray, lush green with azure, a pale green to bright green.

  • Night blue combine with pungent pink with coniferous green, red and white, pale pink to dark brown and silver; May greens with blue-green, gray with bright yellow and pale pink.

  • Red goes with a purple and pink, purple, yellow and white, black and silver, black and brown and sand.

Not recommended for pastel shades.

When choosing colors for the combination do not forget "your shades and color effect on our psyche.
  • White lifts the mood, with his help treat diseases of the central nervous system.

  • Yellow stimulates the imagination and can cause anxiety. With his help relieve depression and melancholia.

  • Orange tide is of vital energy. It is used in the treatment of venous and lymphatic stasis.

  • Brown gives a feeling of calm, comfort and home heat.

  • Red - the color of vitality and activity.It promotes the formation of hemoglobin and stimulates the healing process, raises blood pressure and increases respiration rate.

  • Pink - the color of sentimentality, it warms and shows the need for love and kindness.

  • Green has a sedative effect: stabilizes the emotions, helps with diseases of the cardiovascular system, helps with insomnia.

  • Blue combines the feeling of excitement and relaxation. It reduces blood pressure, reduces heart rate, gives strength.

  • Gray - the color balance and neutrality. Does not carry any psychological tendencies.

  • Black separates, creates a distance, with extended wear causes depression.

The combination of colors in clothing similar to art, too many factors must be taken into account. But the end result is worth your effort, try, experiment, and you're sure to find its "most successful" combination.