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Medical abortion: advantages and disadvantages

In each of our lives there are moments when we must take in all respects a difficult decision. Termination of pregnancy - one of them. After all, is not always a child is planned, not all parents can be various reasons to leave him.

And if a woman decides on abortion , before it gets a choice: do it surgically, or more gentle (in terms of healthcare) - medication . Women's Site decided to tell the truth about the "velvet abortion" (another name): its advantages and disadvantages.

Medical abortion - a new method, approved by the World Health Organization, which allows abortion through the drug (mifepristone) without surgery.

The effectiveness of velvet abortion - 95-98% in early pregnancy (6 weeks).

Most effective is for up to 4 weeks - fertilized egg still slightly attached to the uterus, hormonal changes the female organism is not so pronounced.

Mifepristone - anti-progestogen drug, widely used (Russia, Germany, Great Britain, Sweden) for medical termination of pregnancy at an early stage (42 days from the first day of last menstrual period). The clinical effect is due to the action of progesterone (a steroid hormone, placenta and corpus luteum of ovaries) at the receptor level.Recommended as a soft (gentle) method of therapeutic abortion is an alternative to surgical abortion.

The advantages of medical abortion

  • high efficiency (up to 98,6%);
  • allows termination of pregnancy at an early stage;
  • procedure takes only a few minutes, requires minimal pre-training;
  • does not require anesthesia and surgery;
  • preserves the uterus;
  • completely eliminates the traumatism of the cervix, as well as its internal mucosa (endometrium);
  • makes it impossible to of infection, formation of adhesions, blocked tubes;
  • well tolerated by patients, negatively related to abortion;
  • preferred method of abortion in previously nulliparous women;
  • causes mild uterine contractions and pain;
  • minimizes the likelihood of post-abortion infertility (progesterone receptors is blocked temporarily);
  • no effect on the further reproductive function of women,
  • patients are protected from development of psychological trauma.

Disadvantages of medical abortion

  • may not occur rejection (progression of pregnancy) or abortion be incomplete (the drug did not work - in the uterus remained part of the ovum, which is necessary to remove any surgical procedure);
  • uterine bleeding, sometimes requiring medical intervention (two days after receiving an antiprogestin in 55% of cases of bleeding in 9% of patients, they are plentiful - you sometimes need scraping the uterine cavity and blood transfusion);
  • severe abdominal pain (48 hours after ingestion);
  • inflammation of the uterus and its appendages;
  • the possibility of uterine infection and urinary tract infections;
  • dyspeptic symptoms (discomfort in the abdomen);
  • nausea, vomiting, impaired the chair;
  • high fever;
  • general weakness;
  • severe headache, dizziness;
  • likelihood of high blood pressure;
  • the possibility of allergic reactions;
  • side effects of prostaglandins;
  • at later stages (more than 6 weeks) there is a risk that the drug would be ineffective (fertilized egg is too much got used to the uterus), and will require additional curettage;
  • the drug might not work either because of the large period of pregnancy, either because the doctor did not recognize an ectopic pregnancy;
  • high cost of the procedure (mifepristone is not sold in the pharmacy network extends only pharmaceutical companies, and only by certified professionals), the ability to conduct its business only in hospitals;
  • hormonal nature of the drug leads to unexpected interventions in the hormonal balance of women;
  • abortion occurs at home without medical supervision through an indefinite time after ingestion;
  • a woman can see the fruit (about 2 cm in length) - psychological trauma.

Remember: Any abortion is not only bad for your health and psyche, but potentially life-threatening, but also jeopardizes the possibility of later motherhood!

Let your child will only be planned and desirable, and sex - safe!

Author - Julia Maksimenko , site - Beautiful and Successful

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