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Harmful ingredients face cream

Harmful ingredients face cream For any woman face cream - one of the most necessary things. It nourishes and moisturizes and fights against wrinkles and other skin problems. However, many of us read a label? And how often do you ask yourself the question - how effective this cream? Can it be harmful?

Even if you look at the ingredient list of face cream, then understand it will only chemist with experience. But what comes in cream, depends how it will be effective, and would cause you harm .

Therefore, female site proposes to separate the ingredients is what we use every day.

Believe it or not, but some ingredients that are in cream - enough toxic chemicals. And they are not used because of its efficiency, but due to the fact that there are very cheap.

Moisturizing cream

Moisturizer - one of the most controversial types of cream. He has to maintain normal production of sebum, or if skin is dry, replace it. However, in most of these creams used for this purpose mineral oil which clogs the pores (why scores? Yes, because it is made