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Bodyflex Marina Korpan

What is Bodyflex you probably already know. In short, a system that allows to lose weight in record time. Bodyflex basis is a special breathing, providing the necessary amount of oxygen, which in turn is a fat burner. Oxygen, when the exercise is directed specifically to those muscles that are working and that there burns the excess fat. In other words, doing exercises on your feet - we lose weight in his legs, doing exercises on your hands - we lose weight in their hands, etc. Thus, Bodyflex can lose weight locally, ie we need a field.

In addition, Bodyflex - it's not exhausting workout. The entire complex is 15 - 20 minutes, and the first results are visible after only a week. True, to perform a set of exercises to practice daily, otherwise the lost inches will soon return. Founder Bodyflex Greer Childers in his time recorded training video that system, but it is in English. And the book, translated into Russian, very hard to understand, whether performed breathing exercises themselves.

Recognized trainer Bodyflex Marina Korpan, we can say given the development of this system in Russia. She recorded eight different classes in this system, where the show and tell, how, what and what to do.