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Spregal, a cure for scabies

Spregal, a cure for scabies Do you think nowadays there is no itching? Whatever way the disease is found in schools, kindergartens and the workplace. Cure it is not so difficult, but troublesome, as they should and spread by two different solutions, or ointment, but it is not too pleasant. But there is a drug that is used is really simple: you just need to sprinkle the skin spray.

What is scabies

Scabies - a skin disease that is caused by itch mite, which lives only on human skin and quickly spread from infected person to a healthy. Itch mite has a length several times smaller than a millimeter, eats horny scales of human skin and doing the moves beneath the superficial layer of skin, laying their eggs there. Infected with scabies can be in direct contact, through the patient's personal belongings and household items to which he touched.

From the moment of infection until the first signs of the disease usually takes one - two weeks, after which the itching (the result of allergies to the products of metabolism mites), worse at night. On the skin there is a bubble, which then dries and is covered by a crust. Inside the bubble sits itch mite. Usually a lot of bubbles and they are interconnected by subcutaneous passages, carried by ticks. Sometimes in this place joins a bacterial infection and then appear on the skin pustules. Itch rashes occur most often on the thin skin of interdigital spaces.

The mechanism of action spregalya

Spregal - a combined preparation for scabies, it consists of two active insecticides esbiol (esdepaletrin) and piperonyl butoxide. Spregal produced in the form of spray can. The mechanism of action esbiola is that it violates the metabolism in the membranes of nerve cells of the mite (neurotoxic effects). Another component sprgalya - piperonyl butoxide enhances the action esbiola.The drug is very effective, it is felt after the first application.

Indications and contraindications for use spregalya, possible side effects

Spregal used for scabies in adults and in children , regardless of age . Treatment for not only patients but also for everyone who lives with him in the same room. In addition, it is necessary to disinfect clothing and bedding patient.

One vial spregalya can be cured for twelve hours from one to three people (depending on body surface area). Ad hoc basis, the aerosol can cover the entire skin surface and penetrate into its depth.

Contraindication for use spregalya is idiosyncrasy of the drug, asthma, chronic bronchitis and chronic pneumonia (due to aerzolnoy form, which can provoke an attack of bronchial spasm), but in these diseases spregal can be applied to the skin moistened cotton swab. Should not be used spregal during pregnancy and breastfeeding breastfeeding the child, as clinical studies in these patients were not conducted.

Side effects that may arise when applying spregalya, is the appearance of a light burning sensation at the application site, which usually passes quickly.

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