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Preductal Specific objective evidence suggests that diseases of the circulatory system occupy a leading position in the structure of mortality. This unfortunate "leadership" is caused, first of all, stroke and myocardial infarction. Speaking of myocardial infarction, implied a lack of the heart muscle with oxygen, which can be caused by coronary stenosis, occlusion of blood vessels of the heart thrombus or embolus, or dramatically increased cardiac oxygen demand (eg, excessive exercise).

For the oxygen deficiency of the heart characteristic symptom is pain , the severity of which depends on the severity of myocardial oxygen starvation, and the state itself to lack of oxygen to the heart muscle is called angina. In this case, cardiologists distinguish between stable and unstable angina. For stable angina, characterized by, if I may say so, "predicted" the pain that arises in the same circumstances, characterized by pain syndrome of the same location, intensity and duration. Most often, attacks of stable angina occur during exercise (and the degree of this burden in all cases is roughly the same) or emotional stress. After the elimination of the provoking factor of pain usually disappear or are cropped with the same doses of drugs .

If the condition worsens, the pain is getting stronger, last longer and use of drugs is not as efficient as before, then we are talking about unstable angina, in which an increased risk of myocardial infarction and sudden death due to acute shortage of oxygen to the heart muscle.

For the treatment of stenokardicheskie states use a variety of drugs, but their therapeutic effect is often not satisfied with cardiologists or their patients. The situation improved with the advent of preductal - a new drug that changes the metabolism in the myocardium.It is on the principles of metabolic changes in cardiac muscle based new prospects for effective treatment stenokardicheskie states.

Operating principle

To understand the principle of preductal need to know that for a normal working cardiac muscle, however, like any other muscle, need adenosine triphosphoric acid, ie all familiar with the school of ATP - the biological source of energy. This acid is formed mainly by oxidation of the simplest elements of which consist of sugar and fat: glucose and fatty acids. Moreover, these processes are mutually exclusive: the more oxidized fatty acids, the lower the percentage in the process of glucose. Established that the heart muscle that suffers from oxygen deficiency, is more intense utilization of fatty acids and reduced oxidation of glucose. The total amount of ATP decreases, since the splitting of fatty acids released twice less energy than the cleavage of carbohydrates. Preductal restores the balance between these oxidations, thus providing the necessary supplies of ATP and simultaneously expanding the coronary vessels, which improves blood flow to the heart muscle.

Most often preductal used in cardiology practice: to treat stenokardicheskie states, both independently and in conjunction with other drugs. Also a means used in the treatment of vestibular, auditory and visual impairment caused by an oxygen deficit the relevant authorities.

Side effects and contraindications

Contraindications for use preductal not, except allergization body to the constituent components of the drug. Preductal also not recommended for breast -feeding .

Side effects are rare. Nevertheless, possible intestinal disorders, headaches, dizziness and skin rashes.

It should be emphasized that preductal - the only one of the correctors of metabolism therapeutic agent recommended for use by the European Society of Cardiology.