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How to treat barley

How to treat barley Barley is unpleasant, especially those that are on your face and dramatically changes the appearance of man. In addition, on the face of many blood vessels, in which infection can spread to other parts of our body, including the brain. But just as the barley does not start to infection "broke through" skin protection and cause disease, should be lowered immunity. Barley - is a purulent inflammation of the hair bulb (root) lashes or greasy (it is also called meybomievoy) glands century. Infection (usually staphylococcus) penetrates the skin only if the person has lowered immunity, barley is one of the signs of immunity disorders.

They occur in the presence of chronic diseases and foci of infection : chronic decompensated (with which the body can not cope) tonsillitis, sinusitis, inflammatory processes in periodontal tissues, digestive diseases, diabetes mellitus , pustular skin diseases, etc. The infection can move to the edge of age - a condition called blepharitis.

Barley begins with the appearance of a painful point on the eyelid, the skin reddens century, swells, palpebral fissure narrowing. A few days later the abscess appears yellow, which opened with pus and the formation of small crusts. In some cases there is a multiple of barley, which can fuse with each other. Barley is often accompanied by general changes: fever, headache pain , malaise. Due to decreased immunity in humans may arise constantly barley.

When acne occurs domestic barley, located not on the skin and the mucous membrane of conjunctiva of the eye . Purulent infection can spread from barley tissues orbit, meninges, blood vessels of the brain, causing their occlusion and the spread of infection in all organs and tissues.Sometimes barley is formed around the capsule, and the disease becomes chronic.

Before treatment, patients should be screened with the identification of foci of infection. Obligatory consultation immunologist and a special blood test to detect violations of immunity.

Basic principles of treatment of barley

In the treatment of barley used antibacterial agents, physiotherapy, combined with the correction of violations of immunity. At the same time, we treat all identified foci of infection present in the body, perhaps even with surgery, for example, patients with chronic decompensated tonsillitis should be removed tonsils, which have lost their protective functions and have become a source of continuing infection. Once all the acute effects subside, the patient recommend a balanced diet with enough protein, fruits and vegetables, tempering procedures, moderate exercise and sufficient exposure to fresh air.

Treatment of barley in the early stages

When the skin age of just appears a painful point, it can be several times a day to lubricate the 70-degree alcohol - it can stop the inflammatory process and the formation of an abscess. You can also wash the eyes with antibacterial solution (eg, a light pink solution of potassium permanganate), burying antibacterial eye drops or ointment.

In the initial stages are also encouraged to apply to barley, dry heat. In folk medicine for this purpose is used boiled eggs, and flax seed. Hard-boiled egg, clear, attach to the barley and hold until it cools down. Flax seed heat in a skillet, put in a napkin and tie in a bag and put in barley (you can warm up a few times).

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