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Gastroduodenitis Gastroduodenitis called inflammation of the stomach and duodenum. Most often the disease begins with a catarrhal gastritis , and then the process extends to the neighboring duodenum. Why is there gastroduodenitis? The reasons can be myriad, but most of them in one way or another connected with the violation of elementary rules, and sometimes with our own laziness or inability to exercise willpower.

See for yourself: the main reason - is a violation of diet. This refers to irregular meals and eating too spicy, too strong and too hot food. What prevents each of us to get up early with the expectation of a normal leisurely breakfast? On any production in any institution there is a break for lunch. Even if all the dining room is so large that the time to eat virtually impossible, some brought with them hearty sandwiches and kettle will save the situation. As for dinner, then in his own family circle is much easier to establish a uniform course of the meal, which harmoniously fit into the schedule of each family member. So uncomplicated way we accustom your own stomach to the regular regime of food intake, which is the key to prevention is not only gastroduodenitis, but most of the diseases of the digestive system. As for the so-called "heavy" meals, the stomach is always warned in advance when he was uncomfortable. This is reflected in the severity of stomach rumbling, nausea, flatulence, diarrhea. Such manifestations suggest that our diet is something wrong. If, however, in response to these warnings, we continue to burden the stomach fried, sharp and indigestible food, rather than to give the bowel discharge day, or at least "appease" his easily digestible food, will soon get the problem.

Another common cause of gastroduodenitis exercise "on their own initiative, is the abuse of tobacco and alcohol.Clearly, this topic has long been on edge all stuffed, but the fact remains: irritant effect of strong alcoholic beverages and tobacco smoke does not pass to the digestive tract without leaving a trace.

No longer is no secret that running carious teeth become a hotbed of chronic infections , where pathogens can easily fall into other tissues, causing disease. This fully applies to gastroduodenitis. Therefore, if felt dental pain or noticed the destruction of tooth enamel, do not hesitate to visit the dentist.

Often lead to gastroduodenitis stress. To eliminate this cause, often think that all troubles are temporary, the more so because very often the way it is. In addition, a wise proverb says: "Tears of sorrow will not help." Indeed, what could be improved by allowing negative emotions to take over a top? For the better - nothing is impossible, and that's the worst possible. For example, a gastroduodenitis.

What are the main manifestations of the disease? First of all, it's nausea and sharp pain arising as when eating, and after some time afterwards. In addition, the violation of digestion indicated the severity of the stomach and bloating: food content moves slowly, the walls of the stomach and duodenum are inflamed, stretched and partially destroyed. Food is not only enough to digest, but is poorly absorbed. But the resorption of toxins, in contrast, can increase. As a result of deteriorating health, headaches and dizziness, there is fatigue and decreased physical activity. Often there is heartburn, especially when there is increased acidity of the stomach.

Gastroduodenitis is acute or chronic. Acute there fast enough and runs hard. But chronic may develop over the years, while these symptoms are much less pronounced. On the other hand, and treatment of chronic disease will require much more time.

Diagnosis is made on the basis of clinical symptoms and laboratory tests (probe or endoscopy).

Treatment consists of gentle diet, antibiotics (if the inflammation involved pathogens) and symptomatic drugs. Plays an important role herbal medicine.However, the correct scheme can pick up a gastroenterologist.