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Vaginal balls

Vaginal Balls Vaginal balls are a variety of sex toys. They are not just for the pleasure during masturbation, but also help strengthen vaginal muscles, reduce its volume. Imperceptibly, vaginal balls can be used in everyday life, being an excellent trainer, has a positive influence on women's health. On the advantages of vaginal balls were well aware of a Geisha, which is actively used them for the development of vaginal muscles. In Japan, where it first appeared vaginal beads, long time to have them to only a select few, namely, the Empress, consort of the emperor, and later the priestess of love. Secrets of the technique of using vaginal balls were available a few, but their regular use makes it possible to maintain the elastic muscles of the vagina at any age .

The operating principle of vaginal balls is to actively massage the vaginal walls, which stimulates blood flow to this area is the prevention of stagnation. That's stagnation in the pelvic organs provoke the development of inflammatory diseases, omissions, loss of tissue elasticity. This massage vaginal balls are available those areas that are impossible to use even during sex. Vaginal balls - this exercise vaginal muscles, as in standing or walking a woman trying to keep the balls in the vagina strengthen the muscles. Regular exercise muscular wall of the vagina, not only helps strengthen the blood flow to the genitals, but also prevents prolapse of the vaginal walls, is the prevention of their loss in the elderly.

The results of the vaginal balls will delight not only women but also their partners. A woman exercise vaginal muscles, their good tone on a regular basis helps to achieve bright orgasmic sensation, vaginal orgasm. During sex a man also notes the changing feelings, because trained muscles tightly constrict the penis, carrying out additional stimulation and delivering an unforgettable experience. Especially popular vaginal balls in parous women, as they help restore the vaginal muscle tone after childbirth, promote the return of the vagina to the prenatal size, return the so-called grasping reflex. Trained muscles of the vagina to help to establish an intimate relationship in the family even when having problems with erectile dysfunction with a partner.Many couples vaginal balls have helped to rediscover the joy of sex and allowed women to once again feel sexually attractive.

Vaginal balls made from different materials. More expensive kits released from medical buffed steel, silver and even gold. Also, vaginal balls made from plastic, latex, silicone, medical condition. Diameter of beads vary from 1.9 cm to 3.5 cm Distinguish vaginal balls with a displaced center of gravity, weighted vaginal balls and options with a vibrator. Most often, vaginal balls are produced in pairs, connected with a thread whose end during training remains outside. It helps to easily retrieve vaginal balls after a workout, and also promotes additional sensations during vibration. At the initial stage is better to use vaginal beads of large diameter with a displaced center of gravity and a rough surface, and when the muscles will find a tone, you can upgrade to heavy-duty version with a small diameter metal or wood, with a smooth surface. The smaller diameter of the vaginal balls and more of their weight , the harder it is to keep the product inside.

Vaginal balls inserted into the vagina, in the supine position, the end of the thread connecting the beads with the outputs. Then take the standing position and try to keep the ball inside for several minutes, gradually increasing the training time. The next step is walking with vaginal balls inside, which leads to the rolling ball and massage the vaginal walls. Before using vaginal balls, and after training with them, the product should be washed in warm soapy water. Before first use as a disinfectant is better to use an antiseptic solution.

With all the advantages of vaginal balls, before their application should still consult with a gynecologist, because their use is not recommended for existing infectious, inflammatory or allergic diseases.It is also important to only use vaginal beads of high quality materials, buy products in specialty stores that can provide all the necessary documentation of the quality of purchased goods.