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Hypoplasia of the uterus

hypoplasia of the uterus Malformations of the uterus - is a common pathology, but modern medicine has learned to cope with many of them. Nevertheless, it is important to identify the defect in time and to be adequately treated. This allows the majority of women continue to have kids .

What is hypoplasia of the uterus

Hypoplasia of the uterus - is the delay of well-formed uterus, which is formed after birth. Cause hypoplasia of the uterus is often a violation of hormonal levels. This may be a violation of the regulatory function of the hypothalamus (part of the brain responsible for the work of the entire endocrine system) or a pronounced decrease in hormonal ovarian function in conjunction with increased activity of the pituitary gland (the main endocrine glands). As a result of reduced production of female sex hormones, under whose influence must develop queen. Often hypoplasia of the uterus is connected with the general immaturity - infantilism. Negative impact on the growth of the uterus have a nervous disorder, rapid weight loss (trendy diets in adolescence age can slow ripening of the uterus), past infectious diseases, the effect of toxic substances (eg, smoking, alcohol, drugs).

In case of insufficient development of female sex hormones development of cancer after giving birth does not occur or is incomplete. In this case, the uterus is still at the stage of childhood cancer with excessive bend anteriorly and tapered neck. Incorrect positioning of such a uterus is due to the weakness of the ligamentous system. Hypoplasia of the uterus is often accompanied by the presence of long, tortuous fallopian tubes and is often associated with disorders of the menstrual cycle, which can lead to infertility. If the pregnancy is still coming, it is often ectopic, as long meandering fallopian tubes constitute an obstacle to advancement of the embryo.

When the size of uterine hypoplasia of the body below the norm. In a normal uterine size mature women may be different. The average length of the uterine cavity millipara women - 7 cm, and give birth - 8 cm, of which the cervix accounts for 2,5 cmDepending on the length of the uterine cavity are three degrees of underdevelopment: embryonic uterus (length 3 cm), infantile or child cancer (3-5,5 cm), and teen queen (5,5-7 cm). Hypoplasia of the uterus is often associated with hypoplasia of other female genital organs (small and large genital lips , vagina, fallopian tubes, ovaries). Especially often hypoplasia of the uterus occurs against a background of hypoplastic ovaries.

What are the symptoms of uterine hypoplasia

Suspected hypoplasia of the uterus can slow sexual development in girls during adolescence, and in the absence of menstruation in 14-16 years. This suggests that the body of a teenage girl produced insufficient number of female sex hormones.

If these girls still appear menstruation, they are usually irregular and very painful, the amount released in the menstrual blood can be very small or, conversely, abundant.

When underdevelopment of the uterus in the sexually mature women can manifest infertility, miscarriage, complications during childbirth (weak labors, premature birth, inadequate disclosure of the cervix). May suffer and sex life: decreased libido, a woman may not experience orgasm. For such women often have inflammatory diseases of female genital mutilation because of the fact that a weak resistance to infection and injury.

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