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Tibetan milk mushroom

Tibetan milk mushroom New - is well forgotten old. Tibetan milk mushroom boom experienced in Russia in the nineteenth century, when it was first brought to us from Tibet. Then, the fungus was administered under a variety of diseases, from rickets to pneumonia. With the help of the fungus treated with anemia, tuberculosis, and peptic ulcer disease. In our time, against the backdrop of a thriving chemotherapy were more often remembered the old methods of treatment. Recall the Tibetan milk mushroom.

What is Tibetan milk mushroom

Tibetan milk mushroom - it Zoogloea - special mucous formation that occurs when pasting some aquatic bacteria. By Zoogloea are also Kombucha and sea, or Japanese rice. All of these have zoogloeas ancient history .

Tibetan milk mushroom came to us from Tibet, where with the help of the monks were treated with a variety of diseases. In Russia and in Europe he entered, in the nineteenth century. Then he began to study, but a systematic scientific approach to studying the beneficial properties of Tibetan milk mushroom is not so far.

Tibetan milk mushroom is also called kefir fungus, as it skvashivaet milk, which takes the healing properties.

Looks like a Tibetan milk mushroom

Tibetan milk mushroom is a bunch of white color, consisting of separate circular formations with a diameter of about 5 mm at the very beginning, and reaching further 5 cm

All of its medicinal properties made from Tibetan milk mushroom beverage stores within days, so it's important to be able to care for the fungus.

What is included in the Tibetan milk mushroom

The composition of the Tibetan milk mushroom contains vitamins A, C, group B, minerals (calcium, iron, iodine, zinc), enzymes that are useful for intestinal bacteria (eg lactobacilli. A good therapeutic effect have acetic acid bacteria, which create in the gut environment conducive to development of beneficial microorganisms and the removal of signs of dysbiosis.A dysbacteriosis are known to cause many diseases of the inflammatory processes in the digestive system to bronchial asthma.

Influence of Tibetan milk mushroom on the human body

Tibetan milk mushroom heals the intestines, which promotes better absorption of vitamins and minerals, improving the activity of the entire gastrointestinal tract, restores the protective properties of the organism (immunity), normalizes metabolism (especially glucose metabolism), has anti-allergic effects. This natural product also has anti-inflammatory, wound healing and antimicrobial action. It promotes relaxation of smooth muscles of the stomach, intestine and biliary tract, which helps to reduce tension and congestion in this area, and thus leads to recovery.

Kefir, which is made from Tibetan milk mushroom used for the treatment of obesity, since it contributes to the strong splitting of fats and excretion of their decay products from the body. In addition, a yogurt normalize hormones, which also helps reduce weight .

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