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Golden Moustache - your Green Doctor

golden mustache Exotic herb Golden Moustache, which has many names (kalliziya fragrant, dihorizandra, lady's hair, and others) today for our fellow citizens is no longer a rarity, as only a quarter of a century ago. Moreover, it is a plant native to Mexico is a distant, now you can find almost every apartment, and household treat him with almost the same "respect" as a member of his family. At the very least, a plant highly valued and cared for.

And how could it be otherwise, if the Golden Moustache heals better than a certified doctor? If someone decides that this is an exaggeration, let him pay attention to the short list of those diseases that are able to handle this green "healer": periodontitis, periodontal disease, diseases of the optic apparatus, Parkinson's disease, breast disease, angina pectoris, diseases of the genitourinary system (including impotence), hepatitis B, the pathology of the gastrointestinal tract, bronchial asthma, a huge number of helminth infections, diseases of the skin and its appendages, anemia, diseases of the musculoskeletal system, tumor pathology, and more.

For a long time about the healing power of gold-Usa was virtually unknown, although the indigenous people of Mexico used it for centuries in the treatment of joint disease and gout. It is possible that it was used for other purposes, however, arthritis and gout in Latin America in the Middle Ages were among the most common diseases and practically the only way to treat them were bleeding and the Gold Const. It is only since the middle of last century, interest in plant research institutes in Europe and America, and seriously interested. Somewhat later, "lady's hair" fell on laboratory tables and our scientists.

Studying the properties of the Golden Usa led to a sensational discovery: it seems that the therapeutic properties of plants is not much inferior to the famous "root of life" - Ginseng! And with respect to the separately taken diseases even surpasses it! Not in vain among the many names of this plant appears and home ginseng.It is no wonder that in just a few years, the Golden Moustache of exotics has become "domesticated" plants that have successfully taken root in our housing conditions.

What are the constituent components of the Golden Moustache make it so useful? First of all, it is actively acting biological substance capable of exerting influence on the body complex. Their overall title - flavonoids, which are found in many medicinal plants. By flavonoids Gold Usa include kemferol kvartsetin and whose action is largely similar. However, sharing their content in a single plant is particularly valuable because, as scientists assume that these two components are natural synergists to each other, then there is one agent enhances the effect of another. If you do not go into details of mechanism of action, it may be noted that due to the Golden Usu strengthens the immune system, normal tone and reduced the permeability of blood vessels, activates metabolism, improves nutrition and respiration of all body cells, accelerate removal of intracellular toxins, blocked the negative effects of free radicals, that is a great prevention of cancer and age-related changes in the internal organs and skin. In addition to improving general immunity, juice plants themselves are able to exert a devastating effect on pathogens, which allows their use in various infectious and inflammatory diseases.

Looking at Green Us, not everyone can define it overseas guests. The more so because its leaves resemble both our native corn. Taiga to the habitat conditions and difficulties in its cultivation, as a rule, does not arise. The main thing is not to keep it under direct sunlight and do not forget about the daily watering (in autumn and winter, water sparingly). However, when using plants to be careful and remember that improper use of any medication can cause harm. If you wish to be treated gold nib, so for good reason, and if there is a reason in the first place, talk to your doctor.