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Mono-diet Diet - it is a certain diet, in which there is strict regulation of quantity and quality of used products. Mono-diet - is eating the same kind of products. Recently, mono-diet became the most popular among other types of diets, all sides can be heard "I'm losing weight on apples," "And I'm on the Cabbage," I am losing weight on buckwheat, etc.

Mono-diet, as a form of power has some advantages and some disadvantages. Objectively, it is not too good for the body, but gives the highest effect in reducing the weight and cleanse the body of toxins. Yes, and psychologically easier to "sit" for two days on apples or buckwheat (the most acceptable product is not so hard to choose) than all the time calculating the number of calories and ratio of protein and carbohydrates. Usually mono-diet lasts no more than 2-3 days, several reasons for this: During this time, you can reset a couple of three kilograms, if the diet will last longer, it is fraught for the body because they do not receive the necessary vitamins and minerals. Mono-diet should be organized regularly, optimally, to introduce a "monodietny" day once a week or a month (as needed).

Sits on a mono-diet with "bay-struggling" not worth it, best to gently prepare the body to the limits. In the preceding days to limit the amount of food intake during dietary days you should drink lots of water, a simple purified or mineral water without gas. It should also be gradually out of the diet. It should be remembered that the departed pounds very quickly return if, after the diet to pounce on the food and do not follow basic rules (fewer starchy foods, sweets, more fruits, vegetables).

To date, the most "fashionable" are buckwheat, rice, kefir and apple mono-diet, their essence is simple - use the same product.

Buckwheat mono-diet

Regular buckwheat cooking, pour boiling water and leave overnight (you can do it in a thermos), cooking does not need anything to add salt, sugar, spices, oil, and is not necessary. If heavily consumed porridge, so you can dilute it with 1% kefir, but did not get involved (no more than 1 liter per day).

Kefir mono-diet

Within one day to use portions 1 - 1,5 liters of kefir (without sugar).The second option involves the use of kefir diet until pounds of sweet vegetables a day (along with yogurt).

Such a diet is best done not more frequently than once a month and then in half.

Rice mono-diet

During the day you can eat 250 grams of cooked rice (preferably not take refined, it has more vitamin C), washed down with apple juice, if hunger is very strong, you can eat a couple apples.

For those who find it difficult to sustain such a strict mono-diet, you can add to the rice a little stewed vegetables or cooked meat (about 200 grams per day).

Rice diet is very effective, rice not only helps to lose weight , it clears the body of toxins, salts. However, with this he deduces from the body potassium, so this diet can not be held long or be taken in parallel preparations of potassium.

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